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Suspending the Vacation

Viimati uuendatud: 22.02.2017

The employer is entitled to suspend or postpone the employee’s vacation if it is necessary to prevent damage caused by a work emergency. Such situations cannot be solved otherwise than to call the employee back from vacation, or to postpone their upcoming vacation. The unused part of the vacation shall be provided to the employee immediately after the emergency has been solved, or at some later time if the parties agree.

As the employer is obliged to bear all costs related to the suspension or postponement of the employee’s vacation it must be considered whether suspending the employee’s vacation is less expensive than organizing the work temporarily with another employee.

The employee also has a right to suspend, postpone or prematurely end the vacation in the event of certain circumstances (e.g., an illness or maternity leave). If such circumstances occur, the employee is obliged to notify the employer as soon as possible. The unused part of the vacation can be used immediately after the hindering circumstances have passed, or at some later time if the parties agree.

When an illness occurs during the vacation, it does not automatically give the employee the right to use the unused part of the vacation when the sick leave is over. The employer must be first notified of such a request.

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