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  • Labour legislations

    Rest time

    • The daily rest time must be at least 11 hours in any 24-hour period.
    • The weekly rest time must be 48 consecutive hours or, in the case of summarised working time, 36 consecutive hours.
    • After working for six hours, the employee has the right to rest for at least 30 minutes.
  • Labour legislations

    Working and rest time of a minor

    • An employee who is a minor may not perform overtime work.
    • An employee who is a minor is generally not allowed to work at night.
    • A minor subject to the obligation to attend school may not work for more than a half of each term of the school holiday.
  • News

    Working during the holidays

    December 24, 25, 26 and January 1 are public holidays, which are usually off days for employees. If an employee works on a holiday, double wages must be paid for the time worked. On a day before public holidays (December 23 and 31), the ...

  • Labour legislations

    Employee with independent decision-making capacity

    • An employee with independent decision-making capacity is an employee who, due to the nature of work, is free to organise their own working time.
    • The agreement may be terminated by both the employee and the employer by giving 14 calendar days’ advance notice thereof.
    • An agreement made with a minor on working as an employee with independent decision-making capacity is void.
  • Work environment


    • The construction and furnishing of non-workrooms must take into account working conditions, the number of employees and the gender composition.
    • A dressing room is necessary if employees are required to wear work clothes.
    • There must be separate washrooms for men and women or an arrangement for separate use of the washroom at different times.