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Can an employer ask me for my signature to confirm that I am healthy?


Question of a reader: My employer is demanding my signature to confirm that I have not been in contact with anyone carrying the coronavirus. I may have been in contact with a contagious person without even knowing it. Does my employer have a right to ask for my signature and does it actually help to prevent the spread of this virus?

Answers Piret Kaljula, work environment consultant of the Labour Inspectorate: An employer is obligated to guarantee that the working environment is safe; this is what the employees expect of them. In the context of the spread of the coronavirus, an employer must know whether anyone carrying the virus has been present in the working environment, so that they can apply the relevant measures to prevent the spread of this virus. If an employer is unaware of whether or not an infected person has been in the workplace, they are unable to apply the relevant measures and, therefore, prevent the spread of this virus.

At the same time, we must also remember that information about employees must be asked and gathered as much as necessary, but as little as possible. Requesting for a signature from an employee every day on the state of their health does not serve its purpose. They should rather turn their focus on guaranteeing that nobody showing any symptoms of illness is present at the workplace and anyone who has come to work while feeling ill is sent home immediately with a recommendation to see a family physician. Employees are also advised to download the HOIA application to collect information on potential encounters.

The Labour Inspectorate has already drawn up a short instruction on what to do in case an employee suspects or has been diagnosed with the coronavirus. The instructions are available at the Tööelu website.

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Can an employer ask me for my signature to confirm that I am healthy?
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